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Game of Empires is a popular iPad/iPhone game published by Netherfire Entertainment. It is going to be launched on Canada iTunes store for free on September 18, 2014. Game of Empires is a strategy MMO mobile game where players can build their empire, band with alliance, unlock powerful army units, pillage resource from outside resource or opponents, and so much more fun activities.

In-app purchase is allowed from Apple Store for additional in-game currency. However, all features of the game are open to players who do not make in-app purchases. Netherfire Entertainment welcomes all kinds of players to join Game of Empires!

Game of Empires Official Trailer

Game of Empires Official Trailer

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Before Astero the Uniter, much of the continent is embroiled in war. With new factions rising and falling on a seemingly daily basis, it seemed no man could unite the people of Ansaron. When Astero won over much of the people with his concept of forming not one kingdom, but a collection of kingdoms dubbed an empire, he has accomplished what no man before him has - ushered in an era of peace upon the land. As the first emperor of the Empire of the Thousand Kingdoms, he united the language, culture, and customs of Ansaron, and set us on a golden age of discovery and peace.

But peace never lasts.

Astero's legacy only lasted 176 years before it came to an abrupt end. Different interest groups and cabals plotted and managed to assassinate the entire royal line of succession in one fell swoop. The result is the Thousand Kingdoms actually fractured into a thousand kingdoms with every lord, baron, and nobody across Ansaron claiming that the Thousand Throne belongs to him and only him. What solution is there when diplomacy fails? Astero may have been a benefactor of diplomacy, but he too, backed his words with swords.

War, and its glorious return to Ansaron brings not only destruction, but strife, plague, and disaster to the people and the heritage of Astero and his Empire - our Empire. You, as an legitimate heir of Astero the Uniter, First Emperor of the Thousand Kingdoms and Uniter of Ansaron, must take up his mantle and rekindle the fire that is the Empire. You will build your empire from scratch until its banners are raised on every castle in Ansaron. Like Astero, you'll use every trick in the book - diplomacy, war, and intrigue, for a good king learns to balance all. Ready your army, your majesty, and march toward the Thousand Throne. Failure is not an option, because in the game of empires, you rise or you fall.

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