City Hall

Upgrade to unlock higher level for other buildings as well as additional resource fields. Also produces small amount of resources and provides capacity.

Buried Treasure

Explore Buried Treasure to find equipments or materials for crafting equipments.

This is a multi-step process:

  1. Players need to create or join a team (5 players max).
  2. Start deploying troops along with teammates.
  3. When the team is ready for combat, the captain can make the final call.

Each stage contains 5 levels, and the captain assigns a member to attack a level. The team must defeat all levels to win.


Upgrade to train stronger troops. Each level also speeds up training.


Join an alliance to receive help from your alliance members.

Each alliance has 1 Leader and 4 Chancellors. Chancellors can also approve or kick alliance members.


Arena is a place where you can compete with other players in the Arena.

Any battles you participate in will not damage your troops.

It takes several steps for players to start the combat in Arena:

  1. Deploy troops in the Arena (press the "Deploy" button)
  2. Click "Save" to complete the process.
  3. Click on the "Challenge" tab to challenge other players.

During the Arena event, according to the Arena rank, you will get Points every hour. A the end of the Event, you will get reward according to your point rank.


Provides storage capacity for all resources. Resources stored here are protected from being plundered.


Upgrade to research advanced technologies. Each level also increases research speed.

Limited Time Shop

The items in Limited Time Shop are very cost-effective. The total number of items and the number each person can buy are limited. The items in the store exist for a limited time period. After that the items will disappear. Meanwhile some items with value are limited in both time and number.


Allows players to craft items. Each level increases crafting speed by 5%.

City Wall

City wall protects your troops that are stationed in the city. Upgrade it to provide additional protection.

Farms, Sawmill, and Smelter

Produce resources to train troops, research technologies and upgrade buildings.


Provide gold to scout, heal troops and research technologies.